Beneficiaries Speak

Faith Igunza

2011 – 2013
I am truly grateful for the support that Maisha Trust accorded me all throughout my high school education. Without fail, my school fees were always paid on time and in full. This enabled me to concentrate on my studies resulting in me scoring good grades and later being admitted at Moi University where I am currently doing a course in procurement. May God bless you abundantly and continue to use you to impact many more lives of people like me.

Mercy Igunza

2012 – 2017
When I think about Maisha Trust, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude. I appreciate the support I received with my tuition fees, feeding, uniform and shoes that were provided for me. Your support played a significant role in me passing my KCPE (Kenya certificate of primary) examination and joining Ebusakami High School where I am currently pursuing my secondary school education. May God bless all the donors, partners and leaders of Maisha Trust for the amazing work that you have been doing. It is because of the vision of such an organization that some of us are able to realize our dreams.

Rodgers Omondi

2012 – to date
First I would like to thank God for this sponsorship programme. My first encounter with Maisha Trust was when I was given a new pair of school shoes, later culminating in the full payment of my school fees. Before I was enrolled into Maisha Trust’s education Sponsorship, I used to always be sent home for having not paid school fees or having huge arrears. Since Maisha Trust came to my aid this has been a thing of the past. It has also been a great relief for my mother who all along has been our sole breadwinner. Her burden has been greatly reduced, leaving her to focus on provision of our other basic needs. Thank you Maisha Trust. May God continue to bless you as you continue to inspire and educate more needy children.

Ann Kivuva

2016 – 2018
I was first employed as a chef at Oasis Kindergarten in 2015, a school run by Maisha Trust. After a year or so, I developed keen interest in teaching as I observed the teachers working and upon my regular interaction with the kids. As a result, I approached the directors of the school on my interest and they gladly offered to pay half of my college fees to pursue an Early Childhood education qualification. I recently got my qualification after 1 and a half years doing part-time schooling and to add on that, Maisha Trust employed me as a full time class teacher. I say thank you to the leadership of Maisha trust for enabling me to realise my dream. May God bless you and continue to propel this organization to GREATER heights