Emotional Intelligence Program

5th July 2018

Sarah Vohya (Founder of Maisha Trust & Director of Oasis Kindergarten) decided to undertake her Masters in Education dissertation research at Oasis, on the topic of emotional intelligence and emotional wellbeing.  Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand, control and express your emotions, and to understand and appropriately respond to the emotions of others. She worked in partnership with the teachers at Oasis to find out the causes of pupils’ poor emotional wellbeing and then implement an intervention to try and improve it.

They decided to start an emotional intelligence programme, which has been led by a Fitzwilliam-Cambridge alumni, Paul Vincent Cable…

He conducts a weekly skype tutorial with the children, who all gather in the hall to see him on a big screen.With the use of puppets and imaginative story-telling, Paul has taught Oasis pupils various emotional competencies like loving-kindness, empathy, resilience and unity. These are reinforced by the teachers during the week through interactive activities such as story-telling, songs, painting and open discussions. The feedback from the Oasis staff and parents has been overwhelming. The teachers say that the children are becoming more confident, more caring and kind to one another and are able to resolve conflicts quickly. Their parents also bear testimony to the positive changes, asserting that their homes are happier places since the emotional intelligence programme began. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Paul for his commitment to this programme.

Oasis Kindergarten visit to Kenton College

28th June 2018

Every year, Oasis Kindergarten kids get to visit Kenton College for a day of fun, learning and making new friends. The cold, wet weather did not deter the Kenton College Year 8s from having a wonderful day with the pupils from Oasis Kindergarten on Monday.

They planned a variety of exciting activities for the children, such as an assault course, ball games, singing, artwork and even a movie. Being a teacher cum parent to 3-6 year olds came naturally for many of them – and was a bit of a shock to others! All in all, the Year 8s did a fantastic job at entertaining, organising and caring for the Oasis pupils. It was a truly memorable day for everyone involved. Many thanks to Kenton for facilitating this occasion and maintaining our great partnership.

Staff Training

7th January 2018

In January this year Keith and Susannah, trustees of Maisha Trust, visited Oasis Kindergarten and taught there for a week. Sarah had asked them to lead the pre-term staff training day on the topic of team work.

This proved to be a very useful tool for getting to know the staff better.

All the staff attended, including the cook, cleaner, administrator and the night and day security guards. We were impressed by the respect that exists between them regardless of status. The cleaner even teaches the children dancing as she is a very skilled dancer.

Oasis Kindergarten Opens

10th May 2015

The long awaited day finally arrived; Monday 4th May 2015. Sixty little children from poverty-stricken families in Kibera swarmed excitedly into the Oasis Kindergarten compound. The two-storey school building stood magnificently before them, taking their breath away. Their eyes were dazzled by the plethora of vibrant colours: bright blue walls, dark green roof, soft green grass and multi-coloured child-sized furniture. Even the parents could not believe that they were still in Kibera. Never before had they seen such a beautiful sight in the slum.

The pupils were taken to one of three classes, based on age and ability; Bahari (Sea), Mwangaza (Light) and Palm Tree. They spent the first week getting to know their new teachers and settling into the school. There were a lot of new things to learn! For example, how to use a proper flushable toilet (as opposed to a latrine), how to wash their hands in a sink with soap and water, how to climb the spiral staircase up to the hall, how to say grace before meals, how to wait for everyone to be served their food before eating and how to sit quietly on a chair in the classroom.

Tuition quickly got underway as Oasis Kindergarten blossomed into full action. Now, every morning the children return, dressed in their smart blue and white striped dresses or shirts with green sweaters, eager to learn Maths, English, Kiswahili, Science and Topic. Their art work is proudly displayed on the walls, bearing testimony to their creative and inquisitive minds. At break times they can be seen running, jumping, skipping and rolling around in the lush green grass. Some sit quietly playing with teddy bears and dolls, relishing every moment in this paradise world. If the transformation in these children’s lives over the past three months is anything to go by, they will be completely changed by the time they graduate from Oasis.

Rafiki Homes Foundation

14th April 2013

Rafiki has had a fantastic year, thanks to your continued support. Ten children have been fully sponsored to go to school, two of whom have now finished high school.This was a wonderful occassion for us, as the two girls have been supported through Rafiki since the beginning of their secondary education. Another high moment was when an extra double-decker bed was donated to Rafiki Homes, meaning that the boys can now sleep one in a bed. They were also given a new cooking stove, which has made preparing meals much faster and more fuel efficient.

Notwithstanding, the most thrilling gift the boys received was bikes for going to school, so that they no longer have to walk for an hour to get to and from school each day. In addition, the Feeding Programme at Gifted Hands has been a tremendous success this year. 250 children, along with their teachers have been given a hot meal every Tuesday. This initiative has even resulted in higher school attendance, as a full stomach is not something to be taken for granted in Kibera.